nothing inside. archives one.

For the most part, the titles are arbitrary; generally taken from file or sequence names or something scribbled on the source media.


From 2004-2007, we went through the initial (painful) phases of getting everything backed up off of diverse analog and digital sources into the computer and going through it all to sort of separate out the wheat from the chaff. When the smoke cleared, we wound up with about 200 hours of audio left, including
500+ tracks of unreleased and demo songs, spanning 2 decades
85 brap sessions from the "modern" NI period of 1997-2004
84 excerpted minutes from various interviews and promotional appearances
50+ live hours of NI, slitch, nekura, mit, and stiff kittenz performances
In addition, since the initial phase there have been about 50 live and studio-based improvisational experiments ranging from ambient to noise which will crawl out here someday.

 "extinct #2"

27-JAN-1997 I have no conscious memory of composing this, but from the title and date I suspect it's a discarded concept for the track of the same name on STRANGER (even though it sounds nothing at all like it).


17-FEB-1998 A demo we really liked and kept trying to find a home for, but it just didn't seem to fit on DECAY or FALL.

 "two roads #1"

11-MAY-1995 The first music written to go with the lyrics to "Two Roads", altogether different from the version composed with Mike and Chris in 1997 for HOST.

 "out #2"

10-FEB-1997 Another discarded track from the STRANGER archives; again likely a substitute for the track that eventually made it on the album. Complete with bizarre two-minute aggro intro that was probably supposed to be a separate track.


22-MAR-2000 A demo for FALL that got taken out fairly early on since it was "too upbeat".


06-JUL-2003 Mike and Rome in a particularly noisy improv session. IIRC, this was a couple of older keyboards run through various effect filters and output via a pair of cheap headphones clamped to a microphone.


??-AUG-1997 A late night improv session soon after Mike and Chris joined the band.


??-MAR-2002 Chris, Mike and Rome in an improv session to blow off steam after working on FALL for 20+ hours straight the day before. The eerie haunting noise is Chris using a drumstick to manipulate a mostly broken electric guitar.

 dead crosses (live)

08-JUL-1999 We never performed Dead Crosses all that much live, but we used it for this show as the opener, where it seemed to go over well.